Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel

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  • The Flawless Fitness Abdominal Roller Wheel gives you the best core workout and helps strengthen and tone your abs, back, arms and shoulders
  • High Quality Parts built to last. Our Ab Roller Machine is not built with flimsy cheap plastic like most others. Our roller has one solid wheel to provide stability and maximum control with no wobble
  • Instantly target your lower torso, hips and abdominal areas. Great training for Triathletes, Runners, Boxers, Gymnasts or anyone looking to improve their Abs.
  • Two Wheels are Not Better Than One! Our Single Solid Wheel provides more Stability and a better workout then two flimsy plastic wheels any day!
  • 90 Day Warranty. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we'll take care of it.


Want to Improve Your Abs or Strengthen Your Core? 

The Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel is the answer. Get the toned abs that you're looking for and strengthen your core to the max! 

Benefits of the Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel: 

- Ab Wheel Rollouts effectively strengthen your abdominal muscles, obliques, hip flexors and involves nearly 20 muscles 
- Regular use will improve your stamina and balance 
- Having six pack abs always sounds great, but how about back pain, ever had any? Regular ab rollouts can reduce lower back pain 
- Having a strong core can improve your posture giving you a more confident look 
- Six pack abs never looked bad on anyone. If you work to strengthen your core and watch your diet, six pack abs could be just around the corner 

Who Should Use the Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel? 

Ab Roller Exercises are great for almost anyone. Unless you have been advised against exercise or you have had prior injuries in your back or abdominal area, it is a great workout. The following people can get the most out of Ab Rolling: 

- Triathletes, runners and joggers 
- Swimmers, divers and other water sports 
- Anyone looking to strengthen their core or back 
- Athletes, anyone on a sports team or club 
- Anyone looking to tone or chisel their abdominal area 

WARNING: When using the Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel we recommend you start slowly and increase the intensity as you increase your core strength. Using the ab wheel roller will push your core strength pretty hard and you do not have to push yourself too hard. A few minutes a day will be a good place to start strengthening your core. It is not recommended to use this equipment if you have lower back issues, hernias or other similar issues.